Music Lessons for Those

on the Autism Spectrum

ages 7 and above

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Susie Norman is a graduate of Houston Baptist University with a degree in Music Ministry. She has worked with children on the autism spectrum since 2002. Ms. Susie has two children: Erica, a NICU nurse, and Brett, a physician. She has two wonderful grandchildren.

Ms. Susie primarily teaches piano, but also offers voice, guitar, and ukulele lessons. Ms. Susie loves teaching piano  because she feels people with neurodevelopmental differences benefit most from this instrument.

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Who are they for?

Ms. Susie specializes in piano lessons with children and young adults with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and their siblings, ages 7 and above.

Ms. Susie believes that all people can participate and experience a love of music. If you have questions about whether piano might be a good fit for your child, send her a text or email.

Voice, guitar and ukulele lessons are also available. 

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How much does it cost?

As a member  of the National Music Educators Association, Texas Music Educators Association and several other professional organizations, there are guidelines I adhere to regarding the billing process and fees.  These can be found under STUDIO POLICIES.

Yearly rates for music lessons are as follows:
30 MINUTE LESSON   $1500.00/YEAR 
1 HOUR LESSON          $3000.00/YEAR 


Fees are broken into 10 payments per year. Subject to change; please contact me for 

up-to-date pricing information.

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Why Spectrum Music?

I believe that music, as a nurturer of the artistic and intellectual spirit, provides a healthy and therapeutic outlet for emotions and feelings; an avenue to help build core body strength, as well as gross and fine motor skills; and facilitates the engagement of neurons across both hemispheres of the brain.

My experience enables me to tailor each student’s lesson to their individual needs. Lessons are based on typical music methodologies, as well as some aspects of music therapy.


My son, Iain, is 19 years old, and he has autism. He is beginning his 12th year of taking private piano lessons from Ms. Susie Norman. Ms. Susie is a most capable music teacher for autistic children. She has a strong background in music personally, and she has spent years giving autistic children a musical education. During that time, Ms. Susie has developed her own unique approach to teaching. She treats each child like an individual, learning the strengths and weaknesses of each one and customizing her lessons accordingly. She observes the emotions of the child at each visit as well. Because she utilizes this method, she is able to minimize the child’s frustrations and to maximize success. Ms. Susie has a talent for knowing when to nudge a child forward and when to allow him to wait because he isn’t ready yet. She is beloved by all the students, and Ms. Susie cares very much for each child that she teaches. I know that nothing gives her pleasure quite like watching a child joyfully grasp a musical concept. Ms. Susie takes the time to talk to her students. My son enjoys visiting with her on piano lesson days, and he talks with her about whatever topic interests him. His visits with her help him to grow his conversation skills. Over the years, Ms. Susie has become more than just my son’s piano teacher - she has become our friend. I could not imagine anyone taking her place, and I cannot recommend anyone better. 

— Wendy M.

My children have been instructed at Susie Norman’s Studio for approximately 5 years.  We continue our lessons with Mrs. Norman as a result of her dedication, patience and understanding of the special needs community (especially autism spectrum disorder).  Her studio provides a safe and calming atmosphere for all of my children.   Thank you for opening up the world of music on a personal level for my children.

— Von M.

"Rie has been playing the piano to calm herself while de-escalating from rages.
Thought I would share that you have a lasting impact even after lessons stop." 

--- Sharon B.


13026 Thatcher Drive
Houston, TX 77077


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